Thursday, November 05, 2015

Some implications of the growing numbers as well as influence of Punjabis/Sikhs in Canada

  • In the short term, secularism/stability in India's Punjab will rise, as the growing clout, influence and numbers of Punjabi language as well as Sikhs in Canada will satiate, to some extent, the radical/separatist energies present in a small proportion of the community, thus exhausting these energies to some extent, which would otherwise have been expended inside Punjab.
  • In the long term, however, the prospects for non-Sikh people in India's Punjab look bleak. As the Sikh community will get ever more powerful in Canada, the small minority which houses radical and separatist thoughts will have ample financial, political and other resources to enforce their ideology on the non-Sikh people in Punjab, leading to a decay of secularism here. There might even be attacks here, conducted using Canadian military equipment.
  • Also in the longer term, Sikhs probably will outnumber native Canadians owing to relatively higher fertility/reproduction numbers among Sikh women compared to White Canadian women, thus de facto occupying the country, and in a karma sort of way, things will turn a full circle for the Whites, who are actually not true natives.

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