Thursday, November 26, 2015

A fighter specially designed to escort the plane of a head of state - with pre-programmed missiles

Suppose Xi Jinping is flying to the US to attend a UN meeting. We all know that America's CIA is one of the most evil and nefarious organizations in the world. It certainly keeps making plans for assassination of those heads of state who do not bow down to American dictatorship on the rest of the world.

How can Xi Jinping create enough of a deterrent so that CIA/US doesn't attempt to assassinate Mr. Jinping while he's in the air, and make it look like it was an accident?

One solution is to escort his presidential aircraft with several, say four, long-range fighter jets armed with precision cruise missiles. Let's assume that these fighters won't need mid-air refueling, so they can accompany Mr. Jinping's aircraft throughout the flight. The fighters would escort the plane up to the point where international airspace ends and US sovereign airspace begins.

Further, the missiles on these fighters will be pre-programmed with specific targets inside the US. In the event that the presidential plane or the fighters are attacked/destroyed, the missiles will start their journey towards the pre-programmed targets on US mainland. This certainty of a second strike will deter the CIA/US from being too adventurous in their evil planning to assassinate Mr. Jinping.

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