Monday, November 26, 2018

There's now pent-up demand in India for a Bollywood movie similar to Corporate or Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year [COMPACTIDEA]

Both of these movies are excellent. And have been widely praised and loved by the public. But there aren't too many movies like these in Indian cinema. It has been a long time since Rocket Singh, and now a good amount of pent-up thirst exists in the Indian audience for a movie similar to these. A movie that shows the lives of employees - lower, middle and higher level - in both large and small Indian companies.

These two movies quite accurately and comprehensively cover things that totally happen in reality in Indian companies - bullying by co-workers, casual or serious flirting, dreams and aspirations of young folks, hard work, theft of tangible or intangible company assets, jugaad, mistakes employees or interns / trainees make, rough relationship with your superiors, the different types of people that exist in identical job roles, tough life, limited money, frustrations and tensions, fun-filled office parties, female employees sleeping with their male bosses or with their male co-workers to get jobs or promotions, desi slang and also abuses, our obsession with not wasting our petrol, the role of politics and politicians, and so on.