Sunday, November 15, 2015

Is it possible that immigration of intelligent individuals into the US is resulting in a superior gene pool there?

So many bright, intelligent individuals from all over the world have emigrated to the US over the past century, and more keep getting added each year. This movement is an alarming intellectual drain on many nations, including India, China and Russia, and results in double relative benefit for the US - its adversary, for example, gets stripped off one smart man [-1], and the US gains that smart man [+1], for a double net relative effect [+2].

But could this movement of intelligent people into the US lead to accumulation of a superior gene pool in the US? Is it possible that as a sub-species of humans, Americans could start to have a more intelligent gene pool compared to the random distribution originally made by nature? If so, this could give Americans a significant advantage in all things compared to peoples of other nations, since intelligence is the bedrock of humanity.

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