Thursday, November 12, 2015

Comparing the public image of Adolf Hitler and Harry S. Truman

  • Hitler has an evil image among the world's people, whereas Harry S. Truman does not have a negative image among most of the world's people [he might not have a positive image, but he doesn't have a negative one either].
  • This is bizarre, considering Harry S. Truman purposely murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese civilians using atomic bombs, including women and children, only in order to show strength and send a message to both Japan and the Soviet Union, plus to the rest of the world.
  • It is at the very least curious that Harry S. Truman does not enjoy an image of a barbaric, bloodthirsty war criminal, at least in the league of, if not equal to, Adolf Hitler. This is most likely a result of massive brainwashing of both Americans and the world's peoples over several decades by American government machinery, supported in no small measure by the sprawling American media complex.
  • Any sane person should immediately be able to see beyond the fog of US government propaganda, and note that the dropping of nuclear weapons on Japanese cities was the single largest act of war crimes in the history of mankind.

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