Sunday, August 28, 2016

Unfortunately, not having Android or iOS these days puts you at a significant disadvantage [COMPACTIDEA]

If you have/own/use a smartphone based on BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry OS or Windows Phone or Tizen, you're unfortunately at a big disadvantage [compared to others who have/own/use Android or iOS]. You are unable to install and use innovative and problem-solving/money-saving/time-saving applications such as Ola, Uber, OYO Rooms, Airbnb, etc. [ignore the "use the mobile site in the Web browser" bullshit excuse until both mobile Web browsers and websites become far more capable, giving nearly app-like experience]. Others call an Ola cab and go about doing their business, while you can't, wasting both money and time. Not good at all.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

US airlines and airline lobbies are also to blame for the various oil-related wars in the world [COMPACTIDEA]

Whether it be Iraq, Libya or Syria, America has always tried to steal oil from oil-producing nations. Part of the reason why America needs/wants so much crude oil is because US airlines are so powerful [financially and politically] that they don't allow high-speed trains to come to America. A lack of nationwide high-speed rail network means that millions of tons of weight has to be lifted up into the sky each day, wasting perhaps dozens of billions annually, but making several billions in profits for US airlines. America's thirst for oil thus never gets quenched, and it keeps waging wars on other nations under various pretexts, bombing and killing millions of innocents in order to keep those oil pipes flowing.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Microsoft can't keep selling dinosaur-era hardware in its Lumia phones [COMPACTIDEA]

Intel won by advertising clock speed. People look at numbers. A 1.3 liter engine that's better than a 1.5 liter engine will still be judged by public as "smaller". Public doesn't think intelligently, on average. So people look at specifications of phones. They find 2 GB RAM better than 1 GB, even if the latter phone is faster and can run more memory-intensive programs than the former. Lumia phones, in light of the above, seem both dated and expensive. Microsoft is giving old processors, just 1 GB RAM, low inbuilt memory, etc., in most Lumia phones. How are Lumia devices supposed to be tempting to people? Windows 10 alone can't do it all, especially since the gap in applications continues to be huge. Lower hardware + an OS that lacks applications = why buy it at all? Microsoft should've given higher hardware to make up for the weakness in software. Microsoft is no Apple that it can keep selling a 1 GB smartphone at outrageous prices and profit margins.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The massive war by American newspapers on Donald Trump [COMPACTIDEA]

Every day, doubt-inducing, fear-inducing and Trump-bashing stories adorn the top of NYT - desktop website, mobile website and smartphone applications, complete with poisonous user comments. And these are displayed on the home page longer than other stories! Every day. Like NYT is obsessed with hurting Donald Trump. The same level of scrutiny isn't given to Hillary Clinton. In fact, the only type of stories that compete for space and attention with the anti-Trump pieces and pro-Hillary pieces, which humanize her, fondly detail her childhood, her youth and her struggles, make her seem like a powerful person in the face of difficulties, quietly ignoring to report similarly about Trump. You will never find the kind of pointed, directly attacking pieces that Trump gets for Hillary, and not because there isn't stuff to write about Hillary, but because many big American news media houses are bedding this evil woman.

Update [Oct'16]: It's clear now that wicked NYT has started licking Clinton's/Clintons' very vigorously, without the shame that others are looking. On 09-Oct-16, no less than all of the top nine stories on the homepage of NYT's Windows Phone mobile application were anti-Trump. NYT has likely taken bribes from the Clintons in return for anti-Trump, pro-Hillary/pro-Bill/pro-Obama coverage.

Update [11-Oct-16]: Same thing repeated on NYT's BlackBerry 10 mobile application today. All top eight stories were vilifying Donald Trump. Interestingly, among the leaked emails that detailed Hillary's misdeeds and evil acts, NYT could find only her "Campaign Missteps" to report. The amount of anti-Trump that NYT is applying in simply unprecedented and unbelievable.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

An arrogant warning from America to Syrian Arab Republic to stay away, in its own sovereign motherland

The Pentagon issued a blunt warning to the Syrian government after its warplanes struck a Kurdish-controlled region where American military personnel were on the ground.

“The Syrian regime would be well advised not to interfere with coalition forces or our partners,” said Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman. - NYT

The sheer irony in this American warning is hard to digest. What bloody right does an Amreeki have to "warn" the Syrian government and Syrian forces "not to interfere" on its own soil? What does America think it is? America would be well-advised to understand that it has invaded Syria, and that it has no fcuking right to be there.

The episode prompted the United States to contact the Russian military, which indicated that its planes had not participated in the strikes, Captain Davis said. American officials urged the Russians to contact the Syrian government with a blunt message: “United States aircraft would defend troops on the ground if threatened,” Captain Davis said. - NYT

“If the U.S.-led coalition think for once that by allowing them into Syrian airspace they can do whatever they wish inside, they are mistaken,” said a post on a Syrian Arab Army Facebook page. The Syrian Arab Army is the land element of Assad’s forces. - The Washington Post

Faysal Itani, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council think tank, said it was easy for the Syrian government to avoid bombing large bases, but far more risky to strike areas close to YPG forces being trained by U.S. forces.

"If the regime continues bombing in close proximity to U.S. forces, then simply I think the United States will shoot down the regime aircraft," Itani said.
- Reuters

Friday, August 19, 2016

Good that European companies, rather than American ones, dominate the global container shipping business [COMPACTIDEA]

Good to see that there are at least some industries/sectors where Americans don't dominate [and don't figure anywhere near the top either]. Europeans, to be sure, aren't any less cruel compared to the Amreekis, but at least the dominance isn't concentrated in the hands of one devil.

America could never kill the aircraft designer and manufacturer in Japan

America brutally annhilated Japan and the Japanese during World War II. It then tried to perform mastectomy on Japan by writing Japan's constitution, prohibited Japan from becoming a nuclear power, prohibited it from developing and exporting weapons, destroyed aircraft designs created by Japanese aerospace engineers, banned manufacture of aircraft by Japan, and all but brought Japan's aircraft design/manufacturing industrial base to its coffin. But the engineer in Japan lived on. One acquisition here, one joint project with an American company there, one licensed manufacturing project here, one fully indigeneous aircraft there, one aerostructures and components order here, one next-generation leap there. Step by step Japan kept its aircraft design and manufacturing [and aviation engines] industrial base alive and kicking. And can we say that today Japan has resurged in this sector? Surely. To achieve total global dominance, America tried to chop the limbs of Japanese engineers, but it failed miserably.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Brazil should rename Brazilian Portuguese to simply Brazilian [COMPACTIDEA]

That Brazil and Brazilians were force-fed the Portuguese language by colonizers doesn't mean that Brazil necessarily needs to keep calling its main language Portuguese, especially since the variant used there is slightly different and is hence called Brazilian Portuguese. Rename it to just Brazilian, and do a symbolic cut-off with the colonial past. Give a snub to the occupiers and more broadly to the Westerners/Whites who've invaded, occupied, looted, enslaved and destroyed numerous countries all over the world.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I don't like it that South Africa and Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons [COMPACTIDEA]

I feel this even more for South Africa than for Ukraine. Why in the hell did SA eventually turn into a non-nuclear power despite developing atomic bombs by itself? What a step backward. SA's clout and its importance would've been so much higher in the world today had it continued to possess nuclear weapons.