Thursday, May 10, 2018

Why doesn't Flipkart sell Domino's pizzas, movie tickets, bicycles, bikes, mopeds, and even flight tickets, hotel rooms and train reservations?

The broader point here is that Flipkart has that immense "footfall" every seller craves for. And there are some product categories that seem like Flipkart can quickly and easily add these to its online store to further monetize this footfall. In particular, products that are more "fixed/standard" and whose prices are more or less constant [like pizzas or garlic bread or movie tickets] are even easier for Flipkart to sell than, say, dynamically-priced airline tickets [whose prices are fetched in real-time from global reservation systems]. It should be quite easy for Flipkart to collaborate with Domino's or Pizza Hut [or both? Or is collaborating with only one more profitable?] to create a sort of dedicated "store-within-a-store" where Flipkart users can quickly and seamlessly order food stuff for home delivery or manual pickup. It should even be possible to "gift" a pizza to someone sitting anywhere in India where this service is available. The possibilities are endless.