Tuesday, November 24, 2015

If the shootdown of the Russian fighter was indiscriminate, Turkey should face severe repercussions

At this point it isn't clear if the Russian Su-24 violated Turkish airspace. Turkey claims that the fighter did violate its airspace [and that it was warned several times before the shootdown], but Russia claims that the plane was "strictly" within Syrian airspace. Of course, both sides probably have some sort of evidence.

Even though I spent my honeymoon in Turkey, I strongly feel that if this shootdown of the Russian fighter jet was indiscriminate, reckless and wrongful, then there should be immediate and severe military repercussions for Turkey from the Russian Federation. Let it be known to the pet animals of Western imperialist nations that Moscow has not, does not and will not bow down to intimidation

And that a slap will be returned by a punch.

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UPDATE [NOV'15]: It's possible [rather likely] that the US was behind this shootdown. It knew the flight path of the Russian fighter-bomber and likely shared the flight coordinates with Turkey as part of a well-planned ambush of the Russian Su-24 plane.

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