Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton was begging for women's votes by pointing to similar female body organs - the sickest possible form of campaigning!

  • Watching the first debate right now [13-Nov-16]. How in the world could NYT/WaPo claim that she won this debate? She was continuously looking down at her notes. She was carefully vomiting out the lists that she clearly had memorized - she was never speaking candidly. She didn't know or talk about VAT or Mexico. Her sentences look like those spoken by a school student at a debate competition. He never looked down at notes. He spoke candidly, fast, from his heart, without inhibitions. And they say she won? The important question is how much were they bribed to make such a claim. How could she question his not releasing his tax returns when she herself cleverly deleted emails detailing her criminal acts? She didn't have any answer for those 33,000 deleted emails. How would she? She's not looking presidential at all. More like a retired waitress, especially with that red. Or maybe a ghoul. He does look statesmanly. He knows so much - he's giving out names, numbers, statistics, and so on, but she's using, for the most part, hollow and emotional words. Proper script. As the debate is proceeding, I'm amazed to see how intelligent, logical and knowledgeable Mr. Trump is! Totally amazing! God knows why she's continuing to give that wicked smile. Doesn't she know any other expression? Does she think that laughing/smiling equals confidence? In fact, it shows her inner insecurity and nervousness. Just noticed that what she's saying is more of giving out broad/generalized "knowledge" [devoid of supporting facts] and she isn't laying out any concrete plan/steps at all! Noticed that Mr. Trump is mostly serious and doesn't foolishly smile all the time - he's serious about doing and saying, while she's clearly carefully speaking every word, as if worried about not spilling something unintended [the dirt inside that brain]. Just felt that thank goodness this bitch didn't win. On NATO, she's giving a wicked smile meaning "dude you've no idea what you're saying". Now we know her overconfidence about her foreign experience in part led to her fall. Final word - the host of this debate was very good. Fair, balanced, calm, unbiased. No complaints from him. And one more thing, I think most of her so-called "punch lines" were no lines at all. Like the "I prepared to be president" was largely fake. It wasn't from the heart. It was script. And it showed. He shattered all her preparation and psycho-tricks [like repeatedly calling him "Donald"] because the man was honest, candid, uninhibited, fearless and unscripted. More generally, it seems that most of what Hillary Clinton does or says is fake.
  • Pundits and analysts who are now laying out reasons for Clinton's loss, and are pointing out that she shouldn't have devoted resources/time/money to states like Arizona fail to think about one basic point - just because you're "investing" more and more "resources" doesn't mean that you'll eventually be able to turn voters your way. Hillary Clinton is such a nasty woman that no matter what she did, she was going to lose. Instead of blaming her strategies or Obama or Comey or Huma, the blame is actually on her own self. She wasn't competent enough. She was corrupt to the core and voters knew it. You can't "manage" such facts no matter how hard you try. These self-appointed analysts/gurus/pundits are simply saving their asses now.
    • NYT is blaming "data" for its wrong "prediction". Bullshit. What about the unbelievable amount of anti-Trump bias in NYT's coverage? They won't even mention it!
  • Those bloody forecasts by NYT and others. Now they can shove those forecasts inside their behinds. These forecasts, clearly, were not intended to accurately reflect the public opinion, but were in fact intended to affect/alter/shift/move/pull the public's vote. Why not? For Hillary the public is stupid, little folks. She's the great one who's destined and even entitled for the billions.
  • Watching second debate. Moderators are biased - both the guy and the ghoul. Hillary doesn't look presidential. She looks like a granny. Her words are boring. She's saying nothing impactful. The ghoul woman is visibly anti-Trump. Seems like she has taken bribes. Lol, how she's hiding behind Lincoln to hide her double face. The ghoul is getting personal now. Just realized Hillary is repeating the same boring points over and over and offering nothing concrete about the economy, jobs, industrialization, etc. Just noticed that her voice is irritating while his is statesmanly. Looking at Hillary's face while Mr. Trump makes his forceful arguments reveals that internally she's full of fear at his much superior thoughts and performance. She knows he's far more superior to her. Her tired/resigned/fake look says it all. Trump is shattering her now. Blowing her to pieces and the best thing is that she knows this. Just noticed, whenever Trump says something that exposes Hillary, she quickly goes for the microphone and holds it in her hands as if she has a strong response in her mind which she's eager to say. But not one single time has that holding of mic gotten converted into a forceful response from Hillary. It's just a psychological reaction of her, signaling to others and to herself that I have a response when in fact she doesn't. The most shocking thing is that Hillary repeatedly asks people to go to to "learn more" when she herself is standing right there! Trump praising Hillary's "never quit" trait is so honest of him! Sometimes from Hillary's look it seems that inside of her she might have admiration and respect for the fact that Trump's intellect, logic, and thinking are far superior to her's, and she knows this. Final word, his kids are a tremendous assets for his campaign. Their presence creates a very good psychological impact on people.
  • It's now beginning to appear that pathologically resorting to cheating and lying is probably the way of life for Hillary Clinton. So much that she herself doesn't realize that what she does is wrong and also illegal. In a sense it seems that, ironically, Hillary herself is "irredeemable". She can't be corrected. Perhaps she's mentally sick and a psychopath. She'll keep having remorse and sorrow and she'll keep thinking that she has been wronged, because she [and her supporters] just can't see anything criminal/illegal in whatever she says and does. They all think that she's right and that there's nothing wrong with changing positions on issues, or in taking bribes from "special interests", or in playing trickery to oust Bernie, or in lying prolifically, etc.
  • The repeated claim that Hillary won the popular vote and so she, perhaps, is wanted by "more Americans" is bullshit. Both campaigns were optimized to maximize electoral votes. That's where Trump won. Had popular vote been the key factor, the campaigns would've been run that way. So Hillary is getting something incidentally, because even her own campaign was optimized to maximize electoral votes. It's illogical to claim, therefore, that Hillary is preferred by more number of Americans [one could respond saying that more American states want Trump].
  • Watching the third debate. As soon as WikiLeaks was mentioned, Hillary quickly and immediately started deflecting the discussion to Russia, hacking, espionage, etc. Such a nasty woman she is. She's continuously looking down in this debate as well. She laughs so much, so frequently and so wickedly. Why? Is it overconfidence? Or is it inner nervousness? It seems like that there are certain terms and phrases that she deliberately and repeatedly throws around in each debate, so as to give an impression that she's "connected" to those folks. But it all seems fake and scripted. Not real, not passionate, and not from the heart. The moderator seems unbiased. Hillary is more aggressive in this debate than the last two. Hillary's teeth look ugly. Hillary is speaking a lot more in this debate than in the last two. Her performance is improved.
Update [2-Jan-17]: Just like religion, caste, language, etc., have been forbidden from being used or pitched in order to win votes, the "women" card too must be outlawed. Far too many female politicians have been abusing this diviside card for far too long and it's time to close the door on this.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Narendra Modi's many objectives behind demonetizing 500, 1000 rupee notes [COMPACTIDEA]

  1. Improve image in public. He created a splash by branding and packaging this as "kill black money" and "kill terror finance" and "kill fake currency notes". Most Facebook-savvy clueless urban Indians are blindly praising Modi for this move, uncritically assuming his altruistic intentions and not thinking about his other, undeclared, nefarious objectives [see below].
    1. Squeeze opposition parties’ funds. Sort of financial asphyxia. Win upcoming state elections.
    2. So many news stories are detailing how BJP itself did massive cash deposits of 500/1000 notes in various banks on various days before Modi'a public announcement. They knew about this in advance and took advantage to save their own truckloads of black money.
    3. Government coffers will rise via increased tax inflow and this extra taxpayer money can now be merrily looted by government officials via overpriced tenders, unneeded maintenance/repairs, making new roads where there already are good roads, etc. Obviously the increase in tax inflows will not improve the lives of the Indian public. As always, the ministers/politicians will collaborate with the Adanis and the Ambanis and leech out this extra money and not let it reach the people. So why pay any taxes when you're not going to receive any benefits? [link 1] [link 2]
      1. Old currency notes not deposited will result in reduced liability for RBI and another windfall for the government. The government will, as always, use this gold rush for its own enrichment. The public be damned.
      2. Government is conducting raids, etc., and any so-called "black money" found is being almost completely taken away [30% tax and 200% penalty on this and 12% interest and 3% cess, etc.]. Again, this is yet another windfall for the government and the "babus" will see their cupboards filling with people's hard-earned money.
    4. Narendra Modi's government isn't concerned that India's huge, cash-based parallel economy perhaps protects India from external/international financial shocks. This government also isn't concerned that most non-urban Indians do not have or use bank accounts, digital wallets, credit/debit cards, etc., and use cash directly. The hassles these folks are facing now are unimaginable, but politicians are laughing in their air-conditioned rooms. This government also isn't bothered that the exponential growth in usage of credit/debit cards will result in a windfall for AmEx/Discover/MasterCard/VISA, thus sending "our" money out.
      1. Further, talking of "parallel" economy, this demonetisation move could've been done to bring more of the "black GDP" into the formal, measurable economy. So there might not be any actual growth in GDP, but because hidden/unmeasurable activities get converted into measurable, formal activities, there will be an illusion of GDP growth, thus reaping political windfall for Narendra Modi.
    5. This move has created huge pains for the poor and the almost-poor folks, who were already struggling each day to make ends meet. They now have to stand for hours in lines/queues to withdraw [or deposit] cash, while the PM snores loudly in his air-conditioned cabin, even as people die [another link], or are now out of job because of shortage of currency, or starve or cry or complain. He doesn't care one iota. And let us not forget that his crony friends won't be affected by this [contrary to the spin done by the his government].
  2. Raising value of Indian rupee versus US dollar [scarce rupee will rise in value].
  3. Kill overseas as well as domestic terrorism financing, thus reducing oxygen supply of terrorists.
  4. Back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests that the banking system might/could absorb all of the high-value currency notes, and then some more. If there are 25 crore savings accounts and 2 crore current accounts [including CC, OD, etc.], and if the deposits in the former are on average 1 lac and in the latter 5 lacs, then the total potential deposits amount to INR 35 lac crore, far more than the value of Indian currency in circulation. Of course, the now-invalid old currency will flow from person to person in order to reach the bank accounts where making deposits is possible, and this flow will have a price and those who deposit on the behalf of others will thus make some profits.
  5. In any case, "black money" will come back once the new currency notes start flowing back into the system. Who is going to stop people from once again transacting in cash and storing this black cash in their cupboards? If/when this happens, this whole exercise of demonetizing certain notes and issuing their replacements might start to look like a political stunt with nefarious objectives.
    1. Just today [24-Nov-16] I saw a person buying six drums full of diesel from a petrol pump in order to utilize INR approximately 66,000 worth of 500/1000 notes. And he repeats the same daily, I've been told. The government seems to be underestimating the determination of the common Indian man.
  6. As of 9-Dec-16, the good-for-nothing politician Narendra Modi has shrewdly shifted the goalposts, not mentioning the so-called "black money" anymore [since it's expected that nearly all of the officially issued large-denomination currency will get deposited into banks by the 30-Dec-16 deadline], and instead focusing on cashless economy and digital transactions. Classic politician!
    1. What he doesn't and probably can't understand is that digital/electronic transactions are dependent on constant availability of several national and international systems [Internet networks, mobile networks, cables, electricity, computers, and so on]. In a vast and technologically-evolving country like India, systems go down often, and shifting something as fundamental and necessary as payments to a not-fully-reliable system is not only irresponsible, it's also dangerous and should be stopped immediately.
Update [2-Jan-17]: This author has correctly and comprehensively captured Modi's disturbing psychology by analyzing Modi's words and actions [or lack thereof]. From a lack of acknowledgement of the many deaths due to demonetisation, to the omission of the previously-always-used-word "mitron", Modi's actions and words give a peek into the dark and perhaps dangerous corners of his mind.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Sad to see Russia desperately having to sell its advanced technologies to China for money [COMPACTIDEA]

Russia knows pretty well why China is buying this advanced Russian military gear - S-400, Su-35, etc. China quite simply wants to plug the obvious gaps in its military capacity while it continues to evolve its domestic industrial capabilities, and it wants to reverse-engineer sophisticated Russian military products to speed up the evolution of its defence manufacturing industry. It's very sad to see Russia selling its most advanced technologies to China, knowing fully well that China will rip these apart bit by bit to try and copy as much as possible. Like a desperate and helpless woman who is forced to sell her own self to predators in order to make some quick money for her survival, Russia is now forced to sell the hard work of its brilliant engineers and scientists in order to plug its monetary gaps.

Update [15-Jul-18]: Even more than Russia and Airbus - rather much more - Ukraine is almost totally prostituting itself nowadays. It has inherited legendary designs, products, technologies and manufacturing facilities from the USSR, and it is selling these for cheap to technology-hungry China and others to raise cash for its survival [and for corruption].

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