Friday, November 06, 2015

Canadian airlines must buy Bombardier's CSeries to save the Canadian aircraft manufacturing industry

It's a surprise that unlike in China and Russia, Canadian airlines haven't flocked to Canada's own baby in as large numbers as they should've, resulting in a project that was promising but is in great trouble today. The flagship carrier, Air Canada, for example, operates dozens of Brazilian Embraer jets but hasn't ordered a single CSeries, which is a sort of a shame. Similarly, both WestJet and Air Transat haven't ordered the CSeries. Only Porter has placed a small, conditional order for a dozen CSeries planes.

Canadian government must softly intervene in the airline industry, guiding Canadian airlines to include a healthy number of CSeries jets in their respective fleets. Only then can the Canadian large-sized aircraft manufacturing industry grow wings and fly high.

Update [Feb'16]: It's good to see that Air Canada ordered CSeries aircraft and thus gave a rightful lifeline to this nice plane. No matter what nonsense Western media outlets pour routinely [and no matter how much Bombardier or Air Canada deny this], fact is that it's not only the Chinese and the Russians who make their airlines use their own aircraft :-)

Update [Dec'17]: Similarly, Japanese government should force Japanese airlines - primarily JAL and ANA - to place sizeable orders for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet. MRJ will eventually be a great jet, but it needs some initial hand-holding to make it fly. Another idea could be that Russia and Japan should buy newest jets from each other - Irkut MC-21 and MRJ. They will both get much-needed support this way, while increasing their level of cooperation, without affecting flow of cash.

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  1. Stupid Canadians should've bought BlackBerry/RIM phones and should've saved their national icon, instead of selling themselves out to American technology companies and technologies - Google, Android, etc.