Tuesday, August 15, 2017

America openly arms terrorist groups and nations against Russia, so it's okay for Russia to arm anti-US nations [COMPACTIDEA]

US covertly and overtly supplies heavy weaponry to countries and terrorist groups in dozens of countries around the world, either to topple governments or to fight/destabilize Russia, or both. So it's alright for Russia to arm those nations that are against America - Iran, China, North Korea, Syria, Latin American countries like Venezuela, etc. So if Russia has indeed supplied advanced missile engines to North Korea, enabling the latter to reach mainland US, then this is totally alright and justified considering past and continuing US actions.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

When it's Hong Kong, Turkey, or Mexico, Outlook.com wants to confirm your identity, but not for Canada - racism and xenophobia are in the blood of Americans [COMPACTIDEA]

Turn on Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN, and the first time you try to auto-sync your Outlook.com accounts [configured in Mozilla Thunderbird] from IP addresses of Mexico, HK or Turkey, Microsoft stops the auto-sync and sends you error messages and asks for further authentication [click on "This was me."]. But when the VPN shows you as coming from Canada, no questions are asked. No further authentication needed. Canada is of course "good". Nothing wrong happening here. Mexico, Turkey, Hong Kong, etc., are alien worlds full of bad guys, hackers, tricksters, fraudsters, and so the login attempt is potentially unsafe. But Canada? The shining beacon of "free" Western world. No hacks. No fraud. Must be all good. So let it pass through smoothly. What a load of racist and xenophobic rubbish in the blood of folks at Microsoft and more broadly America.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

To make Russia's future secure, Russian women must start producing more babies

Enough of bullshitting from Western sheep that Russia's economy is smaller than California's or Spain's, that Russia is only a "regional power" which likes to believe that it's a superpower, that Russia doesn't produce anything that anyone wants, and so on. Nonsense. Bullshit. Coming from idiots in the West who just want to remain inside their self-created fantasy that Russia doesn't matter on the global stage. Now, Russia has all the land and natural resources it could ask for. Its women now need to get to work to produce more children - many more actually. More Russians will mean more people who can work, and these extra Russians can set up factories and other businesses in the eastern parts of Russia, which are currently very sparsely populated. More Russians will also mean more scientists, researchers, soldiers, pilots, cosmonauts, engineers, doctors, and so on. More products, more services, more inventions/innovations, more patents, more breakthroughs, more security and more prosperity. Only this way will Russia survive and thrive well into the future, and continue to challenge barbaric regimes such as America, thus ensuring that the globe doesn't get conquered by a single empire.