Monday, May 20, 2019

Western news media outlets merrily publish photos of Asian or African dead bodies, crying or wailing women, and so on, but "out of respect" don't do the same for Westerners

Seen numerous examples of this blatant bias in the last few years. Happens on every major American or European news website - NYT, FT, BBC, etc. The underlying, subconscious bias inside the heads of Western journalists / reporters is that Asian / African / Latin / Arab / South American / Black / Indian people aren't really proper humans - they're nearer to animals or subhumans in front of the superior White race, and as such showing the former in dead or mutilated form, or showing their women screaming in mental agony is fine. The same obviously doesn't apply for Westerners, where "out of respect for the deceased and their relatives", dead faces aren't shown, crying women aren't shown, and so on.

Monday, February 25, 2019

America seems to take Indians for complete fools - they're using cheap, childish tricks to try to get us into their sphere of influence

  1. In their desperation to sell us their F-16 fighter jets, they've renamed / rebranded F-16 as F-21. Are we fools? Can't the whole world see this cheap trick? Will we really believe just like that that the F-21 is a "different animal"?
    1. They seem to think that by naming this old wine F-21, Indians will somehow feel proud and impressed that the plane is somehow just one step short of American flagship F-22.
    2. These Americans also think that repeatedly saying things like “The F-21 is different, inside and out,”, will somehow convince us that this plane is indeed different / new.
    3. Further, these Americans are trying to link this so-called F-21 to their F-22 and F-35 aircraft. They're using statements such as “The F-21 has common components and learning from Lockheed Martin’s 5th Generation F-22 and F-35 and will share a common supply chain on a variety of components,”, to make us feel like perhaps this so-called F-21 has advanced technologies of US' 5th generation fighter planes. No way. You're allowed to make such a statement even if only 1 nut and 1 bolt from F-22 or F-35 is copied into this F-21. There's no mention in percentage terms or feature terms about technologies from F-22 / F-35 put into F-21.
  2. Americans renamed their "United States Pacific Command (USPACOM)" to "United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM)" to appease India. Again, a cheap, low-class trick. They think that Indians can be satisfied with such low-cost tricks. Throw these almost-free breadcrumbs towards Indians and they'll gladly leave their decades-old friends [Russia, Iran, Venezuela, etc.] and become great friends with America.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

If America is jealous of and worried about Japan, Germany and South Korea, it should get ready for the mother of all these three combined - China

There's no reason why after Japan and South Korea, China cannot or shouldn't become as developed and as technologically-advanced as the former two. This prospect should scare America to hell. Japan and South Korea didn't dethrone USA because these two nations, at the end of the day, are small. They might be powerhouses on per-capita and per-square-kilometer bases, but size of course matters. China doesn't have the area/population/resources/size disadvantages of France / Japan / Germany / South Korea. It's safe to say that the mother of all battles is about to begin, especially since Chinese companies - Huawei, BOE, etc. - are now starting to not just grow very big, but also dominate entire industries.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

China cannot endlessly avoid fighting a war if it wants to protect its growing foreign interests from Western predators

What the West is doing in Venezuela matters to both Russia and China, but this is probably the first time that a Western "adventure" matters at least equally to both Russia and China. Past Western nation-destruction plots [Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria] mattered far more to Russia, because Russia is almost the only superpower out there today which keeps a check on West's global crimes, but this time it's Venezuela - and China is heavily invested in this South American nation. Investments that'll evaporate in the blink of an eye if China allows West to install its puppet Juan Guaido as Venezuela's head.

China can't escape the fact that even if it doesn't want to, it'll eventually have to fight a war against the West or against West's proxies, if China wants to protect its increasing international interests from unilateral takeover by Western wolves. Amidst the Western-plotted coup attempt in Venezuela, China's can't simply issue so-called strong statements from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It must back its words with hardcore military power - fly in a 5000 strong group of Chinese armymen to Venezuela to:
  1. Protect Venezuelan borders from incursion by Western-backed militants and weapons.
  2. Deliver food, medicines and other essential aid to ensure peace and social stability.
  3. Defend the legitimate Maduro government from foreign-backed overthrow attempts.
  4. Weaken the domestic and international position of West's puppet Guaido.
  5. Demonstrate to the West and to the world that China will not allow America to swallow Venezuela.
  6. Demonstrate to the West that China will henceforth defend its global interests militarily.
The overall point being that China will have to flex its muscles, otherwise it'll surely lose its global interests.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Chinese folks should stop having separate, English names - just use your real Chinese names always [COMPACTIDEA]

My Chinese friends at MBA also had English names. Back then I found it good that they have easier-to-remember English names. Now, however, I feel that it's an insult to the entire Chinese nation that Chinese people conventionally keep/have to keep separate, English names in order to "cater to" the Western world who find it difficult to remember Chinese names. Take prestige in your culture and your language. Don't adopt Western first names.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Replacing American parts with good-enough parts from Europe, Japan, or Russia is the quickest way for Sukhoi to create a non-American version of Superjet 100 for export to Iran [COMPACTIDEA]

It won't be easy, but it's possible if there's enough will and enough action. Iran desperately needs these planes. Russia desperately wants to sell passenger aircraft - and Iran will buy hundreds if Russia can provide. US-made components stand in the way. Europe isn't a pussy that its companies cannot provide substitutes for American components. Japan and Russia itself can also be alternative providers [maybe Canada too]. Russia must seize this opportunity presented to its airplane manufacturers and supply the airliners Iran needs and wants.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

It's quite disconcerting that great leaders of past and present have sometimes willingly put their own lives at stake in the pursuit of greatness and success

A good example is the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. As beautifully detailed in this latest Mustard video about the legendary Tupolev Tu-114 turboprop airliner, Khrushchev knowingly and willingly risked his own life by choosing a somewhat experimental and unfinished Tu-114 airliner [instead of the complete  / finished / tested albeit less glamorous Tu-116 variant] in order to make a grand entrance / landing in the US. He wasn't / isn't alone. Great leaders have sometimes chosen to put their own lives at stake in the pursuit of greatness. It isn't always technological confidence or knowledge that drives them to take risk - Khrushchev was no aviation expert [he did carry onboard pretty effective non-technical confidence-building means though - the son of the Tu-114's designer, no less!]. Instead, it's a burning desire to make an impression, to be seen as big and tall, that drives these men to endanger their own lives.

No one should be fooled that risking one's own life is an essential quality for big successes. No one should assume that the so-called "calculated risk" [MBAspeak bullshit] is not going to be fatal because it hasn't been fatal to great leaders. The great leaders that we know about are only those who risked their lives and happened to survive the risk. We never hear about or know about those men who just never made it - whose lives got ended during the risk-taking activity. It's essential to include these dead men in the probability / statistical calculation in order to arrive at a more realistic picture.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Meaning of arrest of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's CFO, and how China should respond [COMPACTIDEA]

In one word, China should retaliate, and should retaliate immediately and forcefully. Immediately arrest one or more American CxO level folks on [otherwise genuine] charges ranging from helping America's illegal global spying operations and also aiding USA's killing of innocents in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. Let the message spread worldwide. Let the world know the reasons for China's arrests - at least America's murderous wars will get ample news media coverage on the world stage. Let America know that it cannot touch China. The Americans have deliberately arrested a prominent Chinese woman in order to humiliate the Chinese even more, and it'll be better if the Chinese arrested one or more American female executives rather than male executives.

Monday, November 26, 2018

There's now pent-up demand in India for a Bollywood movie similar to Corporate or Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year [COMPACTIDEA]

Both of these movies are excellent. And have been widely praised and loved by the public. But there aren't too many movies like these in Indian cinema. It has been a long time since Rocket Singh, and now a good amount of pent-up thirst exists in the Indian audience for a movie similar to these. A movie that shows the lives of employees - lower, middle and higher level - in both large and small Indian companies.

These two movies quite accurately and comprehensively cover things that totally happen in reality in Indian companies - bullying by co-workers, casual or serious flirting, dreams and aspirations of young folks, hard work, theft of tangible or intangible company assets, jugaad, mistakes employees or interns / trainees make, rough relationship with your superiors, the different types of people that exist in identical job roles, tough life, limited money, frustrations and tensions, fun-filled office parties, female employees sleeping with their male bosses or with their male co-workers to get jobs or promotions, desi slang and also abuses, our obsession with not wasting our petrol, the role of politics and politicians, and so on.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Not championing Russian homegrown electronics, semiconductor, and software industries is a weak point of President Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin of Russia is astonishingly good in so many areas. But one weak area that's very important yet not discussed is that you haven't heard much from him - if at all - about the need for Russia to have strong domestic industrial base in electronics, software, Internet services, communication networks, semiconductors, and the like. It's possible that Vladimir Putin doesn't properly understand "stuff" such as Internet, computers, microprocessors, operating systems, routers, etc., and hence doesn't appreciate their power [compared to visible power of missiles, aircraft and ships]. What I term "strategic technological sovereignty" in these areas is crucial already, and is going to become only exponentially more important, as more and more devices/products become connected, and the civilization needs to be shielded from spying and thought manipulation by Western corporations/nations. Even if this independence comes at the expense of technological parity [meaning thereby that homegrown Russian technology stays a bit behind the latest Western technology], that's a more acceptable scenario than depending on West.