Monday, May 20, 2019

Western news media outlets merrily publish photos of Asian or African dead bodies, crying or wailing women, and so on, but "out of respect" don't do the same for Westerners

Seen numerous examples of this blatant bias in the last few years. Happens on every major American or European news website - NYT, FT, BBC, etc. The underlying, subconscious bias inside the heads of Western journalists / reporters is that Asian / African / Latin / Arab / South American / Black / Indian people aren't really proper humans - they're nearer to animals or subhumans in front of the superior White race, and as such showing the former in dead or mutilated form, or showing their women screaming in mental agony is fine. The same obviously doesn't apply for Westerners, where "out of respect for the deceased and their relatives", dead faces aren't shown, crying women aren't shown, and so on.