Thursday, April 01, 2010

Air India offers South African Airways' codeshared flight tickets at a price lower than SAA's price

I just came across this odd-looking pricing. Air India flight AI 7625 from Bombay/Mumbai (BOM) to Johannesburg (JNB) is operated by South African Airways (flight SA 285), and the ticket price for Air India is lower than the price for SAA. I don't find this normal. How can Air India offer a price which is lower than SAA's price, unless Air India is either making a loss, or is making no profit. Shouldn't ticket-booking websites detect such anomalies, and alert users (especially those who're buying tickets for SA 285) that tickets for SA 285 can be had for less, if instead they book on AI 7625? I think they should.

Update (23-Feb-2012): Once again, Air India offers Ethiopian's flights at a lower price. should flag this to users who try to buy the Ethiopian flight.

Update [29-Aug-15]: Air India has massively overpriced the Air Astana flights that it's offering under its name, as can be seen clearly in the two screenshots below. should clearly alert its users to such points in order to help them save money.