Sunday, June 24, 2018

The logos of Hyundai and Renault are fundamentally and absolutely uninspiring, and need to be changed [COMPACTIDEA]

This thought is originally from Jan'16.

The issue with logos of Hyundai and Renault is that these aren't artistic or tasteful. These very "ordinary", school-grade logos might have been fine for these two companies when they were small, but today these low-class logos are actually hurting these companies and becoming an impediment to the companies acquiring a premium image in the hearts and minds of the public. Further, these logos are so immature that they can't ever "grow" into premium logos in your mind.

In contrast, look at logos of Alfa Romeo, Lister Cars, or BMW's M. So artistic, elegant, tasteful, and you feel that they're premium even without knowing about the brand.

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