Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Bizarre voting seen for FIFA 2026 bids - no logical explanations visible [COMPACTIDEA]

While I had expected and predicted that the United 2026 bid would win, I hadn't expected the following weird votes.
  • America was able to successfully milk votes from many of the nations it has destroyed or helped to destroy - Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc. Was this because there are puppets here or was it because of covert threats?
  • Why does American Samoa get to vote when it is among the "unincorporated territories of the United States". US territory voting for US?
  • Several African nations didn't vote for their fellow African brother Morocco - Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc. Was this out of fear of Trump, or maybe some sort of intra-continent rivalry?
  • Several Muslim nations didn't vote for their fellow Islamic brother Morocco - Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE, etc. Was this out of fear of Trump or religious differences?
  • Taiwan ["Chinese Taipei"] voted for Morocco? It's supposed to be a vassal of America!
  • China voted for Morocco, yet Hong Kong and Macau [both of which weirdly get to vote separately] voted for America and Morocco, respectively??
  • Russia for America???
  • Venezuela has been literally destroyed by America, and yet they voted for America???? Are these people fools?

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