Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Quick thoughts on Kim Jong-un's air travel to Singapore [RAWDUMP]

  • Good that he flew on an Air China plane. US won't dare to shoot down a Chinese plane.
    • Especially not the one that carries the Chinese Premier or Xi Jinping himself.
  • Also good that he also flew two of North Korea's own Ilyushin planes [Il-62M and Il-76] to Singapore. Creates uncertainty about in which one he might be [raises safety], and also increases his prestige.
  • Use of prestigious Chinese plane for Kim's flight - in particular the one that the Chinese Premier or Xi Jinping himself uses - raises rather than reduces Kim's prestige.
  • Arrival of multiple planes from both China and North Korea decently balances the power that's projected by the arrival of American planes.
  • Presence of Chinese aircraft sends a clear message to US and to the world that China is very much involved and present in this summit.
  • Kim Jong-un must never give up his nuclear weapons else will be certainly meet the fate of Saddam and Gaddafi, or maybe worse. He must understand, remember, and continually remind himself that Americans and some of their so-called "allies" are among the worst scum our planet has. They're bloodthirsty monsters without souls who can keep killing and destroying endlessly to grab resources and power.
  • Russia too should've sent one or two aircraft in support of Kim Jong-un, and to show what West calls "solidarity". The presence of massive Russian Il-96 and Il-76 airplanes would've raised the prestige of both North Korea and Russia, and would've made America look weaker and more isolated. Or maybe Russian and Chinese fighter jets could've escorted the Air China aircraft - again, this would've sent a clear message.

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