Saturday, November 04, 2017

UK isn't equal to other permanent members of the UNSC now [COMPACTIDEA]

  1. In the UNSC, only UK [Britain, England, United Kingdom] doesn't have an independent foreign policy. China, France, Russia and US all have their own foreign policy. UK, like a slave dog, merely follows what's ordered to it by the US.
  2. UK, increasingly, seems "left behind" when it comes to raw manufacturing and military power. Unlike China, France, Russia, and US, it cannot even design and manufacture its own aircraft - commercial or military. Even Brazil, Canada, India, Japan and Ukraine can. Its nuclear missiles aren't its own either. Unlike France, it doesn't have any meaningful rocket/satellite/space capabilities. Selling overpriced perfumes and investing other people's money is fine, but a deep, diverse and self-sufficient defence/military industrial base is a must for a nation to claim its place on the United Nations Security Council.
  3. These days, the UK seems like a weak and "irrelevant-ish" country as far as statements coming out of it concern. Like a barking dog that hardly anyone is afraid of. More so as it doesn't have its own voice - it merely takes orders from America.

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