Wednesday, November 08, 2017

My amazement at the aircraft fleet size of Delta Air Lines and my curiosity about how its CEO spends his day [COMPACTIDEA]

Probably got to know Delta's fleet size [link 1; link 2; link 3; link 4] from some CSeries related news article. Amazed. ~850 planes! How do they manage so many aircraft and employees - pilots, ground staff, airhostesses, etc.? Every day people are absent, people are joining, people are leaving, planes need repairs/maintenance, IT systems need upgrades, and millions of other individual tasks. How in the world do they manage all this complexity smoothly? How does Delta's CEO spend his day? Surely no one tells him about every individual employee absence or every individual plane breakdown. What does he do then to run this mammoth company? Is abstraction the answer?

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