Thursday, November 16, 2017

Over his long career, John Leahy has caused significant damage to America - and has thus helped the world a lot

  • Damage to Boeing/America: Passenger aircraft category could've been almost monopolized by US if Europe hadn't launched Airbus. But any Airbus alone is incomplete and ineffective without its John Leahy. It's Leahy, who, by selling thousands of Airbus planes all over the world over his long and illustrious career, really gave wings to the newborn child that Airbus was, and stole orders, market share and profits from Boeing/America. The cumulative monetary value of the damage he caused to Boeing/America - in terms of lost orders, lost profits, lost jobs, lost foreign policy opportunities and more, could easily be in hundreds of billions of dollars or maybe even in trillions. He shifted this money from US to Europe.
  • Help to the world: By creating an effective counterweight to America and Boeing, Airbus/Europe/Leahy helped to sort of "decentralize" and "demonopolize" the world in the commercial airplane market. This is good for the entire world because a world in the hands of America alone would've been heavily leeched and milked by America. Just imagine a world where America refused to supply a spare aircraft part to the presidential jet of the leader of a country because America declared that the leader's "behavior" wasn't right!
Speaking of Leahy, he's a good example of how "stealing" the best men from America can help other nations to compete with America [the way America steals the best from other nations]. Do the same to the US that it does to you - steal their minds and their geniuses and win against America.

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