Tuesday, September 06, 2016

My dislike for the narcissistic personality of Narendra Modi, my PM, is rising and rising [COMPACTIDEA]

From his uninvited spam mails/messages to the entire nation to his licking the rear-end of Mukesh Ambani to his low self-respect, my disdain for PM Modi only grows. He has clearly turned out to be someone very different from how he portrayed himself [and continues to do so]. He looks and feels fake, dishonest and a fraud, especially after recently appearing in newspaper ads for Reliance Jio network, plus an interview on Reliance-owned Network 18, and also a tweet licking Nita Ambani!

Update [15-Sep-16]: See how he's trying so hard/shamelessly to make Obama laugh, the way subordinates do with their bosses! Loser!

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