Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A clear demonstration of value-for-money versus brand using Audi and Skoda cars [COMPACTIDEA]

Following screenshots make it clear that if you go for the Audis, you pay more and yet in terms of both size [implying space] and features [implying comfort, convenience, entertainment, safety, etc.], the Skodas are superior on an overall basis [taking a rough weighted sum of various features present or absent in these cars]. So if you go for the Audis, you're sacrificing size/features in order to get the four rings. With Skoda, your brand comes down somewhat but the meat you get to chew increases materially. The A3, for example, stands nowhere in front of the top, L&K variant of the Superb [if you compare the features and specifications in detail - and not look only at the screenshots here], yet it costs a lot more. And don't forget, the INR 38+ lacs Audi A4 petrol has only 1.4 liter engine! Happy wrapping the four rings around your neck :-)

Update [18-Sep-16]: Even the top variant of VW Jetta gives terrific value compared to far more costly yet smaller cars from, say, Mercedes. Of course, the brands don't compare.

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