Saturday, December 05, 2015

Nothing wrong with factual labeling of products made in settlements on Israel-occupied territory

There is absolutely nothing wrong in correcting the false and incorrect information printed on products made in Israeli settlements built on land grabbed from Palestine [or other countries]. Since that land and the natural resources on that land rightfully belong to their actual owners, Israel's use of the phrases "Made in Israel" or "Product of Israel" is incorrect and also illegal. Hence there is nothing wrong [it's helpful and useful in fact] with correcting this incorrect and misleading information on the relevant products through factual labeling.

As far as Israel's and Netanyahu's habitual cries about anti-Semitism are concerned, Israel and Netanyahu are known pretty well to invoke the overused anti-Semitism excuse whenever they can't come up with any meaningful argument [which they almost-always can't]. Hence Israel's denunciations about this labeling can simply and quietly be ignored.

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