Saturday, December 12, 2015

It shouldn't be so difficult to call what America is - an empire

It's difficult for people the world over to accuse America of being an empire because of two reasons:
  1. Fear of offending America.
  2. The word empire brings up an image of horses, cannons, swords, etc., and the America of today doesn't fit into this mental image.

However, America of today is a full-fledged empire that obsessively invades and conquers and kills and destroys, just like the empires of previous centuries. It's just that because the world has advanced so much, we no longer use cannons or rifles or swords to fight, nor do military men ride horses in open fields, chasing other horses. America of today butchers people - including women and children - using remote-controlled drones and missiles, and we better quickly alter our mental perception of what constitutes an empire. Because the empires of the years gone by are not coming back ever again.

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