Saturday, December 26, 2015

Flash bashing is a cheap trick that idiot bloggers use to sound knowledgeable

For several months or maybe years, there's an ongoing trend on the Web - blasting of Adobe's Flash technology. Self-proclaimed technology "experts", "gurus" and "reviewers" [who are nothing more than random, useless bloggers] have continued to prolifically attack the Flash platform as if it is and has always been useless. It might have gotten dated, and some of Flash's features have now become native to Web browsers, and Flash does at times have issues related to memory [see screenshots at the end], performance and security, but in no way is Flash useless.

More importantly, these idiot bloggers have absolutely no idea of the invaluable contributions made by Macromedia Flash to the Web [others like Apple/Jobs, Facebook and Microsoft have their own business reasons to bash/hate Flash]. Flash brought those capabilities to the Web which browsers couldn't power in the early days - animations, games, animated ads, puzzles, audio/video, online applications, interactive educational content, forms inside ads, and so on - on low-bandwidth Internet connections. It made the early Web more exciting and more interactive. And to be honest, there are a lot of capabilities/features that Flash has that the Web of today just can't provide without  it.

Blasting Flash has become almost fashionable these days to the extent that random journalists use this cheap trick to make it look like these idiots are knowledgeable [just like random Western journalists routinely attack Russia/Iran/Syria in almost every article they pen in order to appease their neocon-funded and neocon-licking masters].

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