Sunday, August 21, 2016

The massive war by American newspapers on Donald Trump [COMPACTIDEA]

Every day, doubt-inducing, fear-inducing and Trump-bashing stories adorn the top of NYT - desktop website, mobile website and smartphone applications, complete with poisonous user comments. And these are displayed on the home page longer than other stories! Every day. Like NYT is obsessed with hurting Donald Trump. The same level of scrutiny isn't given to Hillary Clinton. In fact, the only type of stories that compete for space and attention with the anti-Trump pieces and pro-Hillary pieces, which humanize her, fondly detail her childhood, her youth and her struggles, make her seem like a powerful person in the face of difficulties, quietly ignoring to report similarly about Trump. You will never find the kind of pointed, directly attacking pieces that Trump gets for Hillary, and not because there isn't stuff to write about Hillary, but because many big American news media houses are bedding this evil woman.

Update [Oct'16]: It's clear now that wicked NYT has started licking Clinton's/Clintons' very vigorously, without the shame that others are looking. On 09-Oct-16, no less than all of the top nine stories on the homepage of NYT's Windows Phone mobile application were anti-Trump. NYT has likely taken bribes from the Clintons in return for anti-Trump, pro-Hillary/pro-Bill/pro-Obama coverage.

Update [11-Oct-16]: Same thing repeated on NYT's BlackBerry 10 mobile application today. All top eight stories were vilifying Donald Trump. Interestingly, among the leaked emails that detailed Hillary's misdeeds and evil acts, NYT could find only her "Campaign Missteps" to report. The amount of anti-Trump that NYT is applying in simply unprecedented and unbelievable.

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  1. Now these loser newspapers - NYT, WaPo, etc. - are desperately and frantically trying to "explain" how very "surprising" and "unexpected" the election results have been. Wrong. You rigged the polls and you totally rigged the coverage and you knew all along that you were campaigning for the bitch.