Friday, August 26, 2016

Microsoft can't keep selling dinosaur-era hardware in its Lumia phones [COMPACTIDEA]

Intel won by advertising clock speed. People look at numbers. A 1.3 liter engine that's better than a 1.5 liter engine will still be judged by public as "smaller". Public doesn't think intelligently, on average. So people look at specifications of phones. They find 2 GB RAM better than 1 GB, even if the latter phone is faster and can run more memory-intensive programs than the former. Lumia phones, in light of the above, seem both dated and expensive. Microsoft is giving old processors, just 1 GB RAM, low inbuilt memory, etc., in most Lumia phones. How are Lumia devices supposed to be tempting to people? Windows 10 alone can't do it all, especially since the gap in applications continues to be huge. Lower hardware + an OS that lacks applications = why buy it at all? Microsoft should've given higher hardware to make up for the weakness in software. Microsoft is no Apple that it can keep selling a 1 GB smartphone at outrageous prices and profit margins.

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