Friday, August 19, 2016

America could never kill the aircraft designer and manufacturer in Japan

America brutally annhilated Japan and the Japanese during World War II. It then tried to perform mastectomy on Japan by writing Japan's constitution, prohibited Japan from becoming a nuclear power, prohibited it from developing and exporting weapons, destroyed aircraft designs created by Japanese aerospace engineers, banned manufacture of aircraft by Japan, and all but brought Japan's aircraft design/manufacturing industrial base to its coffin. But the engineer in Japan lived on. One acquisition here, one joint project with an American company there, one licensed manufacturing project here, one fully indigeneous aircraft there, one aerostructures and components order here, one next-generation leap there. Step by step Japan kept its aircraft design and manufacturing [and aviation engines] industrial base alive and kicking. And can we say that today Japan has resurged in this sector? Surely. To achieve total global dominance, America tried to chop the limbs of Japanese engineers, but it failed miserably.

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