Friday, May 21, 2010

Is it possible to sabotage someone's Google AdSense account with repeated clicks?

I first experimented with Google's AdSense service back in early 2006. One of the thoughts that arose back then in my mind was this - is it possible for someone - say someone who dislikes/hates me - to get my Google AdSense account banned/disabled, by deliberately causing repeated clicks on the ads (either automatically or manually)?

I felt that the answer should be yes. Ever since, I wanted to pen this concern on my blog. And today - after 4 years - when I (finally) started writing this post, I was (a little) surprised to see that many other people have already voiced concerns regarding this (here and here).


  1. This is an interesting thought! Never thought about it myself...

  2. @Sampa

    Yup it's interesting. And alarming.