Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Apple MacBook I want to buy

As I'm thinking of buying a new laptop computer these days, I see that the MacBook selling for $999 has nearly everything I need (it's light, fast, durable/strong, beautiful, ergonomically designed, graceful, decently priced, and has a good feature set), except the following:
  1. 8 GB RAM (so I can disable the swap file, and use RAM disk)
  2. 40 GB Intel MLC SSD, so I don't have to worry about jerks
  3. SD card slot, so I can more easily transfer data
  4. GSM SIM card slot and appropriate communication chips, etc., so I can stay connected on the move
I really wish that the current MacBook - along with the above 4 features - was available in India, and priced at the equivalent of 1099 USD. I would've happily gone ahead to buy it...

PS: continues to impress me. In contrast to the tasteless and trash-worthy websites operated by Dell and HP, actually manages to inform and impress you.

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