Saturday, May 22, 2010

I want a simple, solid phone. Please.

I'm tired of having to take care of my Nokia N72 all the time, as dropping it would most likely damage it. It's a good phone no doubt, but it's too overloaded and tender. There are way too many features in it that I don't need or want, and too many others that I need and want are absent. What I need is a phone that:
  1. Is solid, yet lightweight
  2. Has a set of only the essential features
  3. Looks elegant and manly
  4. Has a long battery life
  5. Has excellent voice quality and volume
  6. Has excellent network reception
  7. Is dust-resistant and water-resistant
  8. Is easy to use and ergonomically designed
  9. Is something I can depend on
I don't need MMS, or camera, or games, or calendar, or Java, or multi-color display, or GPRS, or a Web browser, or music/video playback, or fancy ringtones, or other fancy features. I only need voice calling, SMS, call-recording, multiple alarms, and a few other capabilities. Actually, I realize that none of the phones I've ever seen fit my needs perfectly. What I really need is something I can only design myself.

When I look at some of the phones of 90s and early 2000s (Bosch World 718Ericsson GA 628, Ericsson GF 788eEricsson GH 688, Ericsson I 888, Ericsson SH 888Ericsson T28 World, Ericsson T28sMotorola StarTAC 75, Nokia 8810, Nokia 8850, Nokia 8855Siemens S10Sony CMD Z1 plusSony CMD Z7), I wish that the makers of these phones start making and selling these again. So simple, manly, and graceful. Almost what I need. 

Such a graceful phone (source)

I want to own and use each one of these. By saving contacts and SMS data only in the SIM card, I can ensure that I'm not locked-in to any handset, and can place the SIM in any of these to ready it.

Update (17-Jul-10): Among the relatively more recent phones, I especially like Nokia 2600 and Nokia 3120. Both of these phones are really durable/rugged, and both have soft keypads that feel nice!

Nokia 2600 (source); Nokia 3120 (source)

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