Saturday, December 23, 2017

Turkey looks like a suitable country to which the United Nations headquarters should be relocated [COMPACTIDEA]

  • UN headquarters should be relocated outside the US. US frequently refuses to issue visas to those who don't align with its foreign policy, and this is unacceptable for UN. US is also far for many countries.
  • Turkey is at the center of the world, much like Dubai, thus easily accessible.
  • It is a fairly developed nation.
  • Turkey is everything at once - it's Asia, it's Europe, it's Middle East, it's East, it's West.
  • Antalya [the city/province] is an ideal candidate to host the UN headquarters. It's beautiful, its weather is good, has a good airport, it is properly connected by international flights, it's already heavily visited by tourists, has top hotels and also roads, it has mountains and plains and sea and waterfalls, and it's also accessible by sea transport.
  • UN members will thoroughly enjoy doing important work for the world in the beautiful and picturesque Antalya.

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