Sunday, December 03, 2017

America could secretly be plotting the destruction of Japan and South Korea, under the guise of the threat to itself from North Korea

Whenever America destroys a country - and it has destroyed very many countries in the last several decades - it gets ahead relatively. America turned the flourishing, rich and sprawling nation of Libya into a ruined graveyard, and thus its own position, although constant in absolute terms, improved relatively.

Now. America is extremely jealous of the industrial success of Japan and South Korea. These two nations have posed major challenges to America is every area, from sophisticated electronics to semiconductor manufacturing to shipbuilding to steelmaking to automobiles to robotics. If not for these two powerhouses, American exports - and thus American income - would skyrocket. Forget that America calls these two Asian nations its allies. Bullshit. No one is America's ally. They're all "assets" and "resources" for America. The tension going on between North Korea and America these days seems to me like it has been meticulously designed by America to occur this way, leading eventually to annihilating American bombardment of North Korea, and North Korea's retaliatory destruction of Japan and the South. America's military-industrial complex would get a huge new war to earn billions or maybe trillions from, America itself wouldn't be touched as it sits thousands of kilometers away, and Japan and South Korea would be utterly destroyed by the North, without it looking like America did the destruction of its "allies" [and America would itself destroy North Korea, thus eliminating a threat to its imperial ambitions]. Several of America's objectives would be served. So it seems like it's in America's interest to provoke, tease and threaten North Korea, baiting the North into conducting more and more ICBM/missile and nuclear tests in order to create "sufficient" pretext for invading them [supported in no small measure by America's vast news media propaganda complex, which will "prepare public opinion" for this invasion], and in order to force the North to bombard Japan and South Korea, in order to destroy the factories, industries, institutions and people of these two rivals.

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