Sunday, August 06, 2017

When it's Hong Kong, Turkey, or Mexico, wants to confirm your identity, but not for Canada - racism and xenophobia are in the blood of Americans [COMPACTIDEA]

Turn on Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN, and the first time you try to auto-sync your accounts [configured in Mozilla Thunderbird] from IP addresses of Mexico, HK or Turkey, Microsoft stops the auto-sync and sends you error messages and asks for further authentication [click on "This was me."]. But when the VPN shows you as coming from Canada, no questions are asked. No further authentication needed. Canada is of course "good". Nothing wrong happening here. Mexico, Turkey, Hong Kong, etc., are alien worlds full of bad guys, hackers, tricksters, fraudsters, and so the login attempt is potentially unsafe. But Canada? The shining beacon of "free" Western world. No hacks. No fraud. Must be all good. So let it pass through smoothly. What a load of racist and xenophobic rubbish in the blood of folks at Microsoft and more broadly America.

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