Monday, August 28, 2017

Organization for Opposition to and Demolition of American Hegemony - OODAH [COMPACTIDEA]

Countries that are steadfastly opposed to American barbarism and tyranny need to form an organization. China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, maybe Belarus, maybe Egypt, maybe Serbia, maybe Algeria, and others. Once such an organization is established, more countries will join - from Africa, South America, Asia and maybe Europe too. The group needs to formulate tactical and strategic methods that will reduce and ultimately end America's global tyranny, from civilian murders, torture, assassinations and endless sanctions to cruel wars, overthrow of governments and theft of oil and minerals. Launch banks that are outside the control of America. Reduce the usage and importance of the US dollar. Prefer and promote non-American products. Reduce tourism to America and shift it elsewhere. Halt brain-drain to America. And so on. Steps need to be taken on an urgent basis under the umbrella of an international organization - OODAH.

Update: It's a shame that I can't easily add Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya to the list of countries which would surely join OODAH. America has cruelly destroyed these three nations, but it has also installed puppets, thus suppressing any public expression of outrage - towards America - from these countries. Such a sad and sorry state.

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