Friday, June 30, 2017

Why does Intel even create such shitty processors like the Intel Celeron J3060?

The Celeron J3060 is pure horse-shit. There's no adulteration here, except maybe some horse urine was mixed into it. Pure, unfiltered horse waste. You can't browser the Web on this piece of crap [I bought a HP machine with this processor and I repent so badly now]. I repeat, you cannot properly run Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on this crappy piece of junk. The experience of surfing the Web is so slow and pathetic - scrolling on even Google News is jerky - that one wonders, why did Intel even bother to make this shitty thing? It has two useless cores, each normally clocked at 1.6 GHz, which is way too slow for today's bloated software. Why didn't Intel, instead, give just one core clocked at, say, 3.2 GHz for the same price? I am quite sure that in regular usage, that processor would've felt significantly faster. Pentium 4 641 with HT comes to my mind. This awesome Pentium was launched over 10 years ago, but I'm sure that it's faster than this piece of cow-shit from 2016. It should be a crime to make such utterly disgusting products that don't allow you to do even the most basic task properly - Web browsing.

Update [2-Jul-17]: Instead of making a tower system unit using the J3060 crap, HP should've instead used AMD's A4-4020, which easily beats the J3060. Why should one give a damn to power consumption when the dog-urine J3060 won't let you do even basic tasks, while the A4-4020 will let you do a hell lot more? And the A4-4020 currently sells on Amazon for INR ~2,400, which is quite cheap.

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