Monday, June 26, 2017

Narendra Modi is steering India ever closer to the poisonous snake that America is - this is a disastrous path for India [COMPACTIDEA]

  1. India is buying more and more weapons from the US. Might be because of massive bribes. But leaving our old, trusted friend Russia and pursuing closer military ties with America - the known global terrorist nation - is a disastrous path for India in the long run. Maybe Modi doesn't want to feel like a beggar when he meets Trump in Jun'17, so he is splashing around a few billion dollars in order to raise his self-esteem, but getting close to the most malicious and nefarious nation in the world is a sure recipe for disaster.
    1. Ahead Of PM Modi's Visit, US Approves Sale Of 22 Guardian Unmanned Drones To India: Report [link]
    2. ‘US approves sale of 22 Guardian drones to India’ [link]
    3. Trump approves $2 bn sale of Guardian drones to India ahead of meeting [link]
  2. India, which has hitherto bought fighter planes primarily from USSR/Russia, seems poised to buy large number of fighter aircraft from US. This is a terrible development, not just for India but for the entire world. Not only will our money empower the US, further enabling it to carry out its destructive and destabilizing foreign policy, we might also one day yet another vassal of America.
    1. Lockheed Martin, Tata Ink Deal To Make F-16 Fighters In India [link]

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