Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Canada and Stephen Harper bark unusually loud against Russia

Does anyone care what Canada says or thinks on the world stage? Probably no one. Maybe not even the Canadians themselves. Hence it seems both strange and amusing when from time to time Canada/Harper shout loudly against Russia and Vladimir Putin, as if trying to catch the attention of the world's public and politicians, and as if trying to make themselves feel important and relevant, and perhaps, as if acting on the order of their masters - the US - which wants to carefully "spread out" the rhetoric against Putin/Russia so as to make it look like there is a broad coalition/consensus against Putin/Russia rather than a lone, loud voice of America. America knows all too well that Canadian politicians will be more than happy to receive this two minutes of fame granted by their masters, and thus by making the Canadians do some of the rhetoric, America is able to preserve some of its own diplomatic/political capital.
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