Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wide rift between Russia and Ukraine is not good for both the countries - it is exactly what the West wanted in the first place

Ukraine has banned Russian airlines [another link], and Russia has reciprocated the measure by banning Ukrainian airlines [another link]. Score settled, right? Wrong. If we look at the broader picture from the above, it is the #1 SSR of the USSR fighting with the #2. Fellow Slav people have become thirsty for the blood of each other. And in this whole process, the real victor is West. Both Russia and Ukraine are losers, as are other SSRs of the USSR. This wide rift between Russia and Ukraine is exactly what the West wanted always, in order to weaken both of these nations, and especially West's perennial target - Russia. West wants to divide Russia and Ukraine on the lines of what Britain did to India and Pakistan [a FB post by me; alternative link].

The West wants to, first of all, break cultural, emotional and legendary historical ties between Russia and Ukraine by distancing these two peoples. Incidents such as Russians walking out when Poroshenko spoke, Ukrainians walking out when Putin spoke, Ukraine banning Russian movies/news channels/TV shows, etc., are, to put in simple words, not good at all. Banning flights, barring trade, imposing sanctions on each other, etc., will together have the effect of creating a rigid wall between these great nations, weakening both of them. Exactly the kind of thing that the West wants to do to Slav people - especially Russians.

UPDATE [OCT'15]: New developments here and here.

UPDATE [NOV'15]: More new developments here and here. Thiese tit-for-tat steps by Russia and Ukraine will, in the end, only strengthen the West and help its nefarious long-term goals.

UPDATE [DEC'15]: More worrying development here [Westernization of Soviet Union's legendary Antonov An-124]. And more Westernization of other Antonov aircraft [at the behest of Western puppet Petro Poroshenko]. Plus frequent and many tussles over An-70.

UPDATE [JAN'16]: The move by Petro "Puppet" Poroshenko to replace Russian language with English is yet another sign of the dangerous rift between fellow Slav people, orchestrated from Washington. This Westernization of Ukraine will weaken the Slav people as a whole.
  •  Ukraine not participating in regional events held in Russian territory [link]

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