Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton probably deliberately left a harmless subset of all emails on her server for the FBI to recover and publicize

Hillary Clinton and her IT guys aren't fools. They surely know what shredding is. She and/or her advisors probably anticipated that her private server would eventually be confiscated with the intent to recover deleted data, thus exposing all her corrupt/horrendous thoughts and acts performed in both private and government capacity. She wants to give the public the impression that the emails she deleted were indeed of personal nature and did not contain any classified/secret/vulgar information, in line with her claims.

An effective way to achieve this is to first shred all personal and ugly emails from that server, and later to deliberately leave recoverable copies of some harmless personal emails for the FBI. The public - sheep as it always it - will wrongly assume that all deleted emails were recovered by the FBI, and when nothing objectionable or ugly is found in the recovered stuff, Hillary will get a clean chit in the court of public opinion.

Masterstroke by the poisonous bitch!

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