Monday, January 26, 2015

BlackBerry should work to establish its BB10 operating system on smart TVs

Time is quickly running out for BlackBerry. Network effect is deeply at play in the smartphone market, to the disadvantage of BlackBerry [irrespective of how good BB10 OS itself is]. One opportunity, however, that is ripe for exploitation is the still-evolving market for "smart TVs", the ones that increasingly resemble computers and smartphones, yet remain essentially TVs.

No software platform or manufacturer is a leader in this still-emerging space. BB should act fast and partner with a solid TV-maker to launch a range of BB10-powered smart TVs. The lack of applications for BB10 OS doesn't hurt BB in this market [at least not yet]. BB10 is a solid OS and its spread into the smart TVs market will bring benefits to BB10 on smartphones as well [increased developer awareness, increased application development, increased consumer familiarity with BB10, etc.].

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