Saturday, September 04, 2010

One possible future of computing

One possible future of computing will be composed of the following:
  1. ARM-based chips
  2. A lean OS, with itself is silent and stays in the background
  3. An optimized Web browser (or an evolved version of what we know as a Web browser) as the platform for applications
  4. All applications are Web applications, in the sense that they were all initially served from the Web, update off the Web, execute at least part of their code in the Web, and are functionally integrated inseparably with the Web
  5. An application need not be served off the Web each time it is launched. If it can be proved that the latest versions of all parts of the application already exist locally, it'll be executed from the local cache
  6. Most code executes on the Web, and only some code executes on the local device
  7. Applications do not require porting from one OS to the other. Only the Web browser needs to be ported from one OS to the other (thus mimicking JRE)

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