Monday, February 02, 2009

Goodbye To AltaVista Audio Search

First I have to admit something - I have, in the past, downloaded a few songs (illegally), using AltaVista Audio Search. And for the same reason, I went to AltaVista Audio Search page once again a few days back, only to find that it doesn't exist anymore. It was not only surprising, it was disappointing as well.

I have always liked AltaVista. I've resorted to it many times, to gain access to the very-relevant yet somewhat-different-from-Google results of Yahoo Search, via a lean, clean and fast user interface (cleaner and lighter than Yahoo Search). And I fell in love with AltaVista ever since I started reading The Search (where delicious accounts of the birth of AltaVista, and its pioneering achievements in the initial days of the Internet can be read). Watching Yahoo gradually cripple the legendary search giant makes me a little sad.

Here's a screenshot from the cache of Live Search, where AltaVista Audio Search is still alive

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  1. Same story here - just found out it's gone (got here looking for it). Too bad! So it goes.

  2. I also arrived here researching the missing tab.Very sad.I have used altavista for my home page for years.It's still a clean search engine,but now limited in value.I blame the RIAA.Join me in boycotting the RIAA.