Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Narendra Modi isn't good but there's no alternative to him at present - it's a golden opportunity for Rahul Gandhi to prepare and establish himself

Forget the jokes people throw at Rahul Gandhi. Puny people will keep doing such things. Some people say that Narendra Modi is so widely and deeply established in Indian politics that there is and can be no credible challenger/opponent to him. This situation might seem bad for Rahul Gandhi at the first sight, but it's actually a blessing, an opportunity. The brutal power of time will ensure that sooner or later Modi is eventually kicked out of Indian politics, and someone will have to succeed him. Rahul Gandhi should take advantage of the lack of credible opposition/opponents at present and prepare himself for the inevitable near-future time when Modi leaves. The opposition-vacuum then will make it easy for a well-prepared Rahul Gandhi to quickly insert himself into Indian politics and take the crown jewel. Don't underestimate or mock Rahul Gandhi. He's young and this is his biggest weapon against Narendra Modi - the force of time will soon wear out Modi and Rahul might be the only choice then.

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