Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Windows 10 does not have respect for its users - it is designed to help and enrich Microsoft, even if this is at the cost of its users [COMPACTIDEA]

  • Upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile on my Lumia 640 XL [from 8.1]. It said during update that "you'll find your data exactly where you left it". After update, lost all SMSes. What the hell is this? I had several very important SMSes [some of those related to business deals]. Microsoft folks should stuff Windows 10 Mobile disks into their asses.
  • Even though I've properly configured my Windows 10 Mobile to not automatically restart if/when there are updates, today morning [3-May-17], when I woke up and swiped the screen open, there was a window with several sliders already in the "I agree" position. I felt surprised. What's this? One of the sliders was about sending Microsoft "diagnostic" information. Others were about sending to Microsoft what I type, what I speak, what URLs I visit, data on my usage of apps, where I travel, etc. Basically everything I do. All these sliders were pre-checked into the "I agree" position, and at the bottom was a single button "Accept". They know that most people will just push this button and rejoice! Telemetry begins to flow!
    • But the key point here is that they restarted my phone without asking/telling me, closing all the open apps in the process. Again, little respect for the user, and concern only for MSFT's enrichment. I keep apps open as reminders sometimes. I don't remember now what was open. Data lost basically.
    • I carefully placed the sliders into positions I deemed appropriate [balancing functionality and privacy], but as is well known, telemetry couldn't be turned off fully. Fuck you Microsoft.

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