Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Sad to see Russia desperately having to sell its advanced technologies to China for money [COMPACTIDEA]

Russia knows pretty well why China is buying this advanced Russian military gear - S-400, Su-35, etc. China quite simply wants to plug the obvious gaps in its military capacity while it continues to evolve its domestic industrial capabilities, and it wants to reverse-engineer sophisticated Russian military products to speed up the evolution of its defence manufacturing industry. It's very sad to see Russia selling its most advanced technologies to China, knowing fully well that China will rip these apart bit by bit to try and copy as much as possible. Like a desperate and helpless woman who is forced to sell her own self to predators in order to make some quick money for her survival, Russia is now forced to sell the hard work of its brilliant engineers and scientists in order to plug its monetary gaps.

Update [15-Jul-18]: Even more than Russia and Airbus - rather much more - Ukraine is almost totally prostituting itself nowadays. It has inherited legendary designs, products, technologies and manufacturing facilities from the USSR, and it is selling these for cheap to technology-hungry China and others to raise cash for its survival [and for corruption].

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