Saturday, October 22, 2016

Who would've thought that it would be Yahoo Mail that would, in a way, save Yahoo from a rapid and total meltdown [COMPACTIDEA]

It's Yahoo Mail that keeps bringing people back to Yahoo. Nothing else. Email addresses are sort of permanent, and changing them is very difficult, especially if you're using an address for many years and dozens/hundreds of your people use that address to communicate with you. No one would've thought two decades ago that it would be Yahoo Mail that would turn out to be the savior of its parent company. Yahoo Mail keeps bringing its users back to both homepage and Yahoo's other Web properties. There's nothing that locks you to Yahoo Sports or Yahoo Movies or Yahoo Travel. Yahoo Finance, in contrast, is somewhat more resistant to switching if you have a lot of stocks in your watchlist, etc. Porting these to some other finance portal isn't easy/quick [and you've also gotten used to the interface/navigation of Yahoo Finance]. Yahoo Mail's contents [contacts, emails and especially your email address] are not portable at all. Hence your need to keep coming back.

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