Saturday, January 09, 2016

Goodbye Google Chrome (and Comodo Dragon), hello SeaMonkey (and Mozilla Firefox)

Enough of serving Google's corporate interests and America's foreign policy goals packaged as good-for-consumer-features. Very soon I'm forever going to ditch Google's Chrome browser [and also Comodo Dragon and other technology shit coming from the US] and I'm going to use and prefer both SeaMonkey and Firefox henceforth. Mozilla and Firefox and GNU and FSF and Open Source can be trusted. America, Comodo, Google and NSA cannot and must not be trusted. It's not just likely, rather it's certain that Comodo, Google and other technology companies of USA are all heavily in bed with NSA and other American intelligence/spying agencies. The funny thing here is that they're regularly bedding NSA even if they themselves don't know it :)

A related post I wrote on Facebook is here [alternative link].

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  1. Tab by tab I'm shutting down my installation of Google Chrome, and it feels like a sort of cleansing, like some evil component is slowly but surely getting off my machine.