Thursday, May 24, 2012

The crash of a Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Indonesia has given a big visibility boost to Russian civil aircraft

I tweeted about the visibility boost to the Superjet 100 a few weeks back. It turns out that even other Russian/Ukrainian civil airliners have got a big, temporary visibility boost. The following screenshots show the number of views that Wikipedia articles of four Russian [or Ukrainian] civil aircraft got in last 30 days [Antonov An-148, Irkut MS-21, Tupolev Tu-204, Tupolev Tu-334].

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  1. Today's crash likely wouldn't have happened, and all those 92 souls likely would've been alive, had the Russians been using their own modern airliners instead of continuing to fly 30+ years old planes whose designs date back to the 60s. Unacceptable.

    It's high time that Russia retires all the legendary-but-old airliners it's still operating and switches to its own modern planes, thus also giving a boost to its domestic aircraft industry.