Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thank you for a wonderful decade, Windows XP

It was around this time ten years ago that I first bought a [pirated] Windows XP Professional disk [I was only 15 then] for INR 150 [about USD 3], and installed it on my first computer. I vividly remember the day when I was installing the shiny new OS. It was a warm evening and the OS was [slowly] getting installed on my computer which had only 64 MB of RAM [and a Celeron 733 MHz processor, along with a 10 GB hard disk]. I remember that my sister was calling me to eat something, and when I finally went down, I had told her that Windows XP was getting installed on the computer and that this was a very exciting and important thing.

I remember that Windows XP wasn't a beast back then. It occupied much less than 1 GB of disk space back then [it runs into several GBs today], ran swiftly [although the 64 MB RAM was a bottleneck] and brought cool colors to Windows for the first time. It is the first friendly Windows OS ever.

Thank you for a great decade, Windows XP :). I still use and love this OS. If not for Microsoft's policy of ending security updates, I [and many others] would love using Windows XP for many more years.

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